The RAGE podcast is and always will be free for everyone, and no registration is required to access it. The good news is there are a few different ways you can stay up-to-date with the RAGE, without checking the website everyday. Of course, if you know how to use an RSS Feed Reader, you probably have this already sorted out and don’t need to read on…


Click here for the RAGE Podcast iTunes page.

The link above takes you to the iTunes preview page. From there you can click ‘view in iTunes’ to subscribe.

If the gods are conspiring against you for some reason and that doesn’t work (what did YOU do in your former lives?), go into the iTunes podcast directory and search for “the rage podcast”, click on the screaming bald guy with defibrilator paddles strapped to his head  like headphones and then click on the ‘subscribe’ button.

Life will never be quite the same…

Other Podcast Clients

If you use another podcast client to manage your podcast subscriptions, that’s OK too. Just paste the link below (without brackets) into your podcast client when it asks for the feed you want to subscribe to:


You’ll be away laughing.


The RAGE Team are 100% behind the FOAMcc Critical Care Google Plus Community, but otherwise our social media outlet of choice is Twitter — follow @RAGEpodcast to find out what’s all the RAGE. You can also follow the individual members of the RAGE team too… Links are on the RAGE Team page.

Tweet, tweet!

RSS Feed Reader

OK, so you’re an uber nerd. But that’s actually a good thing, you recognise the awesome power of RSS Feed Aggregators!

Click here to go to the RAGE Feed and select your Feed Reader of choice to subscribe.

Now you’re a RAGEing uber nerd!

Email Newsletter

We don’t have one — if enough laggards people bug us often enough we may consider going to the trouble of making one… (we may need to find an archeologist to help us though).


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