Simulation for Elite Performers

Happy New Year!

The next ‘proper’ RAGE session is on track for recording in about a week or so.

In the meantime, here is a talk on ‘Simulation for Elite Performers’ by Chris Nickson from last year’s Performance Psychology in Medicine Conference run by the Institute of Prehospital Care in London. The podcast is 34 min 38 sec duration.

Thanks to Tom Evens and the conference organisers for such a great event, as well as Mads Astvad (ScanFOAM) for managing to rescue the audio! Mads also put together the video version below:

Mads also pointed out (another) error I made… I mistook Walda for Wally!

The RAGE podcast is on  iTunes here and the RAGE podcast audio feed is available here.

Thanks again for listening to the RAGE!

2 thoughts on “Simulation for Elite Performers”

  1. Chris: What a great talk! I agree with everything you talk about and I really like how you engaged the audience at the beginning. Also I liked your personable style which seemed approachable and humble. You don’t pretend to have all the answers. I recognize so much from the course we teach in our introductory courses at the Center for Medical Simulation. It’s fun to see how what we teach lives on and extends to other audiences. Keep up the great work! Those looking for the reference on the prebrief, here it is:


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