smaccGOLD is all the RAGE

The entire RAGE team were at smaccGOLD, and we loved every minute of it.

Of course, Cliff Reid stole the show as per usual with his talk on ‘When should resuscitation stop?” (look out for it on the SMACC podcast in the coming months) but all the RAGE team made huge contributions to the critical care conference of the millennium.

Photo courtesy of SMACC
Photo courtesy of SMACC

This was the first time the entire RAGE team were in one place at the same time – rather than connected via Skype over the Internet – so we took the chance to record some audio. We managed to include a few friends too… Though, as always, the best bits will probably have to be edited out ;-)

Look out for the next RAGE podcast featuring these SMACCers:

RAGE at smaccGOLD
Photo via @markhwilson

From left to right:

Unfortunately Oli Flower (@oliflower) is missing from the photo, but he’ll be in the next podcast too.

PS. Hat tip to @alittlemedic for inspiring the post title

2 thoughts on “smaccGOLD is all the RAGE”

  1. Hi Abraham,
    As the only woman in the room at the time of the taping, I’d like to thank you for your champion of women in medicine!
    I apologise for the three weeks it has taken to respond to you, Life intrudes on the virtual world sometimes. Also I wanted to think about my response as you had taken such care with your comment and explanation.

    My thoughts as the topic of gender equity was raised was genuine surprise it needed to be even mentioned IN THE SMACC WORLD as I didn’t feel scoffed at and or that it was even an issue! I found the conference and the presenters to be warm and supportive men and women striving for excellence and humanity and it was all inclusive with a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints regardless of gender, nationality, experience or social and academic standing.

    This is very rare and I invite you to attend as many Scientific meetings as you like and see if you can match it. Sadly I have yet to find one, please let me know if you do! I know (being a member of the minority) you are very right in that there is indeed a underrepresentation of women in academia and disparity in some fields. It brings a unique and sometimes unwelcome twist to my practice of critical care.

    Yet in the specific context of the post SMACC wind-down you were listening too and indeed the the world of FOAM, I find myself disagreeing with you.
    This FOAM world is an equaliser, Im not a seasoned veteran of the FOAM like my fellow RAGErs. Im not male and Im not as funny as Cliff, Chris and John Hinds!Im also hopeless at technology (ask the RAGErs who have to edit me, poor chaps!) I am however a valued member simply because I work in the field of critical care, I love to teach, Im always learning and I admire the ethos of FOAM and the SMACC team.

    I didn’t feel it was scoffing at all, its just that in this particular environment, the disparity of women in FOAM academia and the SMACC conference has ceased to be a problem because this world has solved it! In this context it has not been brushed aside, it has been vanquished! Lets move on!

    Im very proud to be a tiny part of such a virtual utopia and I look forward to continuing the fight and to correcting the balance in the nonFOAM, nonSMACC environment your papers have so unfortunately documented. Onward and upwards!

    Thank for your comments
    See you online and RAGE ON!

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