“Crack the Chest, Get Crucified” by John Hinds

The late John Hinds stole the show at SMACC Chicago with his honest and irreverent insights into his personal experience of performing a resuscitative thoracotomy and the sequelae that followed.

The RAGE team sorely misses John’s wisdom and wit, this is how we will remember him – the consummate resuscitationist.

John’s key learning points are words to live by:

  • Prepare. Know the evidence.
  • Make your intentions honourable.
  • Do it.
  • Seek out the skeptics.
  • Never allow a wanker to bring you down.

Sign this petition to support John’s passion, the improvement of trauma care in Northern Ireland.

One thought on ““Crack the Chest, Get Crucified” by John Hinds”

  1. My partner and I watched for the first time John’s 45min video on race bike crashes. Why I watched it in the first place, I have no idea, but probably because I was in mountain rescue and often first on scene. Dawn my partner watched it too she was a keen rider for years before I met her. I’ve watch it about 3 times. I really loved his mad Irish humour.

    Why I’m writing this is because what he said stuck. Then last night after a long drive after being on the road we were just arriving at our hotel on London A240 rush hour. Stopped in cue, I saw a silver car behind me then no traffic behind him as the lights had held up the traffic behind. Then without notice the stationary behind hit the back of our and showered is in glass. Getting out there was no damage to our car and no visible damage to the front of the silver car. So where I’d the glass come from? There was no car behind his, but then I spotted wreckage behind his. There was a Ducati on the floor and so was the rider. The damage to the car was massive the rear window glass had showered our car.

    Then everything John said entered my head. The mechanics of the crash the rider hit the car at speed without braking. Going over the bars it was clear his head had hit the rear of the hatch and the edge of the roof the visor had gone and it was obvious his face had caused the dent. The guy was fitting and choking to death because of his facial injuries. But as in John’s video with the world dancing around including 2 doctors. I took his helmet off carefully and got him breathing without choking. Again once he started to stabilise. I could check as John said not for life critical injuries but for life changing injuries. Btw I got a crew of people to remove the bike again John’s video .. Thinking FIRE! 25mins passed before the fire brigade arrived 10 mins after that ambulance fast response. By time the guy was talking and I think will be OK.

    I feel very humble that John’s legacy lives on without watching that video, “old school” and advice from the 2 doctors (GP’s) said leave his helmet on. John said it’s safe and without an airway he would have died.

    So to a guy I have never met I say to you John you must looked down and thank you for saving the guy and guiding my hands. Rip mate you are truly an inspirational legend.

    Love Kenny and Dawn

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