Cases from the Races

The RAGE team’s John Hinds gives the medical perspective on high speed motorcycle racing on closed private roads in Ireland at smaccGOLD. Of note, is the use of rapid response motorcycle medics to get to the scene fast, in the first few seconds of the dying process, to save lives.

This talk stole the show at SMACC, you are about to find out why.

Here is the audio (download mp3):

Here are the amazing slides:

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This is another version of the ‘Cases from the Races’ talk given by John Hinds – it is a fantastic video… a must watch!

One thought on “Cases from the Races”

  1. Sorry for going on so long… I snuck over to double up into an absent Joe Lex’s slot!

    That talk could easily go on for bloody hours though, I real had trouble chopping it down


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