RAGE Session: Do Not Resuscitate

We’re ready to RAGE again!

This one is 85:26 min long and includes:

  • Introduction… kind of (starts 00:00 min)
  • ‘What’s bubbling up?’ (starts 02:08 min) — Dr Smith’s ECG blog, DAS Guidelines for tracheal intubation of the critically ill, “The Human Factor” and trauma team performance.
  •  ‘DNR’ (starts 14:58 min) — the RAGE team discuss the concept of ‘do not resuscitate’ and consensus resuscitation plans, challenges and tips for family discussions and decision-making, and a host of tricky situations (e.g. the family that wants ‘everything’, patients who want to be organ donors, suspension of DNR orders for operations, and patients with advance care plans who attempt suicide)..
  • ‘A blast from the past’ by Peter Brindley on ‘Joseph Lister’ (starts  80:44 min)
  • ‘Words of Wisdom’ from Karel Habig (starts  83:41 min)

The RAGE podcast is on  iTunes here and the RAGE podcast audio feed is available here.

Here are the show notes for this RAGE Session :


What’s bubbling up?

  • Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog
  • Higgs A, McGrath B, Goddard C et al. Guidelines for the management of tracheal intubation in critically ill adults British Journal of Anaesthesia. 2017 (published online) [article]
  • Hicks C, Petrosoniak A. The Human Factor: Optimizing Trauma Team Performance in Dynamic Clinical Environments. Emergency medicine clinics of North America. 2018; 36(1):1-17. [pubmed]


Blast from the Past

Words of Wisdom

Thanks again for listening to the RAGE!

Simulation for Elite Performers

Happy New Year!

The next ‘proper’ RAGE session is on track for recording in about a week or so.

In the meantime, here is a talk on ‘Simulation for Elite Performers’ by Chris Nickson from last year’s Performance Psychology in Medicine Conference run by the Institute of Prehospital Care in London. The podcast is 34 min 38 sec duration.

Thanks to Tom Evens and the conference organisers for such a great event, as well as Mads Astvad (ScanFOAM) for managing to rescue the audio! Mads also put together the video version below:

Mads also pointed out (another) error I made… I mistook Walda for Wally!

The RAGE podcast is on  iTunes here and the RAGE podcast audio feed is available here.

Thanks again for listening to the RAGE!